What we do!

Our mission is to put an electric vehicle charge

Morpheus Electrics Motor We are committed to being a highly profitable, socially responsible, and leading manufacturer of high value for money, environmentally friendly, lifetime personal transportation products under the Morpheus brand, for customers predominantly in Asian markets and to provide fulfillment and prosperity for employees, dealers, and suppliers.

Driven by the customer

Morpheus Electrics Motor will be responsive to customer requirements consonant with its core competence and profitability.

The Industry Leader

Morpheus Electrics Motor will be one among the top two two-wheeler manufacturers in India and one among the top five two-wheeler manufacturers in Asia.
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Check charge status remotely through Ether app


Check charge status remotely through Ether app


Check charge status remotely through Ether app


What advantages will you get using an escooter?

Lower running costs

The running cost of an electric vehicle is much lower than an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle.

Low maintenance cost

Electric vehicles have very low maintenance costs because they don’t have as many moving parts as an internal combustion vehicle.

Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Driving an electric vehicle can help you reduce your carbon footprint because there will be zero tailpipe emissions.

Tax and financial benefits

Registration fees and road tax on purchasing electric vehicles are lesser than petrol or diesel vehicles.

Petrol and diesel use is destroying our planet

The availability of fossil fuels is limited, and their use is destroying our planet.

Electric Vehicles are easy to drive and quiet

Electric vehicles don’t have gears and are very convenient to drive. There are no complicated controls.

What we do!

Our mission is to put an electric vehicle

Charge your electric vehicle at home using one of our smart home charge solutions or gain access to over 3,000 public charging bays across the country.


48V30AH - 60-90K.M
60V30AH - 90-120K.M.


What Client's Say about

“This is the good for marketing and for local areas it has an attractive look and best performance compared to other scooters it has 0 maintenance this is very suitable but some expensive very good experience of its riding its have very good pickup change oil after 3000 km and use tubeless tyres it’s having very low maintenance.”

“Buying experience was great as expected and more over the ride quality is awesome,Look better than a petrol vehicle and servicing need bit improvement but still its great.All are pro with and features are also up to the mark and moreover i love my scooter so my family do. We are looking foreword to buy other one.”

“The buying experience was great and riding experience is also great and look are awesome and more over i loved the drls and performance could be more better but ok. Servicing and maintenance are good actually nil maintenance and very less cost rs 300 to 500 is the service cost. All are ok. Con is low speed.”

“Buying was great beautiful experience. Riding experience is also great because of the look of the vehicle is awesome and some times it is amazing to drive and more over mo servicing and maintenance cost. So if you are planning to buy the ride just go for it no second thought and no cons as such the more ride the more you love.”

“So my buying experience was great, got the scooter on same day very nice and beautiful looking scooter. The performance and ride quality is excellent and over the time you enjoy its range and performance. I would recommend this scooter to very body who want to enjoy the.”

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Designed for the our roads.

Partnering with Morpheus Electrics Motor gives you the opportunity to sell diversified products to possibly the largest set of customers, thus maximizing profits.


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